Smash The Cake in Cornwall

This fabulous idea of Smash the Cake is originally from the good ol’ U.S of A. It’s brilliance is also its’ simplicity: Photographer + baby + fancy cake = one hot mess!

For first birthdays, it’s magic to watch your little baby’s reactions as they are let loose on a beautiful cake! Very funny, usually messy, and utterly unrepeatable!

It’s so nice to use the birthday photo shoot to immortalise and celebrate all the things they love at that special age.  These fun Smash the cake shoots can then be used as thank-you cards or birthday collages to hang on the wall.

Fun, not just for little one to enjoy on their big day, but for Mum and Dad to be a part of too!

For Older Children...


A birthday photo shoot involving cake is still a cool thing to do.

An hour hanging out with Mum and Dad and being the centre of their attention.  Maybe go for an ice-cream afterwards – who needs birthday presents?!

For the dude in the shades who turned four, he loved the beach. So we photographed his smash the cake shoot there.  With his favourite sunnies, coolest t-shirt and some cupcakes made by Mum.

He loved running around and made us all laugh with some hilarious posing faces – it was a lot of fun!

For Parents, Youngster's Birthdays Can Be A Very Busy Time...

Making cakes, organising parties, buying presents, it’s easy to forget the miracle the birthday represents.

In these shoots we bring it back to brass tacks.  Your amazing, unique child has been here for a whole year and look at them now!

A year ago to this day, you were giving birth to them, bringing them into this world. Well done you, for getting them this far.

Now, enjoy this moment with your child and all the joy and achievement it represents!


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