Newborn Photography in Cornwall

and Lifestyle images...

This 2 hour shoot at your home, works especially well with newborn photography.  For babies or pre-walking infants, it ensures we have a warm and familiar environment for the little one to feel comfortable and safe in.

It also enables us to work around nap times – and you can even have a cuppa in between shots!

My newborn photography...

Like all of my shoots, is anchored in who you are.  It focuses on capturing this precious pink addition to your family life.  I usually photograph a mixture of creative individual newborn portraits and family lifestyle images.

If possible, newborn photography shoots should take place early on, within the first 10 days after baby’s birth.  When they are still sleepy and foetal – and Dad is still on paternity leave!


"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

- Dr.Seuss

Lifestyle - how I photograph you and your family...

To complement your newborn photography, I also shoot lifestyle imagery of you and your family as you go about your home.  I’ll capture you interacting with each other with an occasional bit of help from me.  I might ask you to move to a location, help you with positioning, and then move away.  Letting you carry on being yourselves, whilst I capture the documentary style images.  Together the images will tell the story or your lives when your beautiful baby first arrived to say hello!


If you feel you may be uncomfortable in front of the camera...

Or won’t know what to do, don’t worry.  It’s my job to capture and create beautiful images for you to cherish.  You can be confident that I will do this.

Therefore if you need help, I will guide you to move that stray hair out of the way or lean closer together. If it improves the photo, that’s a part of my job and I will help you with this.

Natural light is my compass...

It dictates the composition, beauty and style of your image. If your home is not very naturally lit, I can always bring portable lighting. These are things we will discuss before the shoot so I come prepared.

Or for my outdoors location based family shoots, please click: Family Photography