Maternity Photography in Cornwall

Your Precious Pregnancy

Celebrate this awe-inspiring time with your own private photo shoot of maternity photography in Cornwall.  Either at your home or at a special outdoors location.

Let me capture you and your changing body and beautiful growing baby bump in a private pregnancy shoot. I’ll bring my camera and we’ll get some beautiful, tasteful portraits you’ll look back on with pride.


My Pregnancies...

For my first child (who is now coming up 5!) I never had any maternity photography.  I’m sorry to say I thought I was too busy.  There was the nursery to paint, baby things to organise, it was action stations!  At one point my husband grabbed a camera and attempted to take some, but they didn’t come out too well!

For my daughter, I did.  And it is still one of the best investments I ever made.  I told my husband it was my treat to myself, and that was how it felt.

The photos hang in my daughter’s bedroom and still fill me with wonder every time I look at them.  Being pregnant is amazing (yes – tiring, exhausting and nausea-inducing too!) but primal and awe-inspiring.


Pregnancy is a great time to book some family photos.  Capturing your family as you eagerly await your new family member.

Or include your partner and or children to make for special images which you will all treasure once your baby finally arrives and joins you!

Nine short months...

Of growing and perfecting that beautiful bump and blossoming into a mother.

As a woman, your body is doing some amazing things you will probably (when you’re not so tired!) want to look back on one day and remember.

There’s a little being in there who will soon have a personality and be ruling your house like a King.  But right now they’re quiet, so let’s do some pictures!

Some beautiful portraits of you and your bump to look back on with pride and wonder.


Or, for when baby arrives: for beautiful and natural images capturing the first weeks of your precious new baby’s life, please click my Newborn Photography and family lifestyle gallery.