Marketing Photography in Cornwall

Marketing Photography for Business Branding and Company Identity.

Do you run a business and want new marketing photography?  Imagery that will really identify with and appeal to your clients?  If so I can help you conceptualise and capture stunning brand imagery.

Running a business, and having the right brand photography is crucial.  A vital part of your visual ‘brand identity’.  One of the first ‘touches’ in marketing, for a potential client.

Usually a website is the first point of contact for a potential client.  If they don’t identify with what they’re looking at, they’re gone.

Connecting with your Ideal Client…

Whatever your business, be it a large corporation or sole traders.  Your marketing photography is a crucial part of establishing trust and connecting with your ideal client.

Contact me today for a no commitment chat.  To discuss how I could help you finally capture the right marketing photography to identify with your ideal client.

Portfolio Photography.

It’s important to stay relevant.  For models, creative artists and actors, fresh photography markets you and your investment in yourself.

I do have a lot of experience photographing professional shoots in this creative genre.  Elle McPherson (at the top of the page) is one example. and a great experience in my career.

For whatever your business is, my photography will help you move it forward.

Stunning Photography to Move Your Business Forward.

For a professional, editorial, experienced and creative photographer Cornwall based, look no further.

I have more than ten years experience photographing professionally, to achieve specific results.  I’ve photographed across the board of news, current affairs, politics, celebrity and fashion.  As a result, capturing businesses, artists, musicians, actors, celebrities and corporations for nationally published newspapers and magazines.

This has been an amazing experience and it also means I am confident I can produce the right marketing photography for you.

If you need creative ideas and commercial photography with impact I know I can help you make a strong and positive first impression.


How we create your Marketing Photography…

I will help you conceptualise, plan and create strong marketing photography that promotes you and finally gets you noticed.

Be it an outdoor shoot on location or an indoors studio shoot, I am happy in either environment.  And after an initial consultation on what you require, will generate some ideas for us to go forward with.

To beautifully capture you for your appropriate genre, please give me a call to discuss your needs and what I can do for you.


Or for more about me and my photography style, please click here: About Janna