What We Do On A Photography Shoot

My 2 hours photography shoots are £75.

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Ever looked in a magazine and seen candid photographs of celebrities out with their families or loved ones having fun, and not posing for the camera?

That’s the idea behind these shoots, you and your loved ones as you really are. Interracting, playing, having fun or just being together having a quiet, private moment.

The shoot is a combination of a candid fly in the wall documentary shoot of you and your loved ones, with the added bonus of me being your eyes and ears to occasionally guide you in doing things to make great pictures…

I’ve been that photographer. With over a decade of press experience, this shoot has grown from my love of capturing the private, unguarded moments, but also recognising and loving having the ability to also step in when needed to, to adjust an arm or move a stray hair to make the moment, and thus resulting image, perfect.