Arrrrr! Pirates land in Cornwall! – Five year old Birthday Photo Shoot.


And so a little boy was 5, and wanted to become a Pirate.  His favourite thing in the whole world was treasure.  And a life of adventure and travelling the seven seas, called to him like the siren song of the mermaids…

And so on his birthday, his Mummy and Daddy dressed him up in rags and rubbed him with a burnt cork.  Stuck tattoos on his little arms and placed Rubies on his fingers and beautiful gem stones on his eye patch.

His Gran had made a Jolly Roger flag for him to fly with Piratical pride.  And his Mummy had raided the family jewels to weigh down his Treasure Chest with special treasure, that reminded them of their loved ones.

And so he was ready.  Ready to begin his adventure!

A special day was had by all.  The little boy was brave and strong and had no fear of wind or cold seas!  He chased all over the beach with his snake (which had been guarding his treasure!) and staked claim to Trevellas with his Jolly Roger.  And of course we just had to pay homage to Poldark by going up to the beautiful cliffs of Cameron Estate at the end!

No Pirate was ever more fearsome.  No parents ever more proud.  Happy birthday little boy, the world is yours! x


* Pirate blog update * 16/11/17 Published in Cornwall Today Magazine!

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